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Our tea products uses the natural herbaceous Orgotein Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), as healthcare contribution to mankind, honorary name as KHAZANTEH.

The Zenith Centralize Kitchen 是一间供应健康食品的公司. 我们的办公室位于马来西亚柔佛州的烏魯地南。我们的健康食品材料包括黄酮类化合物, 植物性微量元素综合成份以及超抗氧化物。抗氧化剂可以减少自由基对身体的伤害。如果您有什么疑问, 欢迎联络我们。本公司的客服人员会乐意的协助您。

The Zenith Centralize Kitchen is a company that supplies health food. Our premise is based in Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia. The health food ingredients include flavanoids, plant-based trace elements and super antioxidant. Antioxidants can significantly reduce free radical damage to the body. Contact us now as our customer service team are happy to help and discuss through your needs.

Great effects of Trace Elements:

维持人体生命活力, 促进新陈代谢, 抗癌, 益寿延年, 保持智力和记忆力
Maintain vitality of human body, stimulate metabolism, anti-cancer, healthy and longevity, maintain intellect and memory


Health benefits of glucan:

抗癌, 抗艾滋病, 清除人体内有害的自由基, 保护人体细胞膜, 抗各类型炎症 (肝炎, 胃炎, 肠炎, 关节炎等) 糖尿病, 心脏病, 高血压, 增强人体免疫力, 流行性感冒及延缓衰老
Anti-cancer, anti-AIDS, scavenge harmful free radicals in the body, protection of cells membrane, prevention of inflammation diseases (hepatitis, gastritis, enteritis, arthritis, etc.), diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, enhance immune system, influenza and anti-aging



Super Antioxidant


每日清除人体内多余的自由基, 疾病, 医生远离我!
Everyday scavenge excessive free radicals in the body, keeps the diseases and doctors away!

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